The Very Pretty Skin® Process

The “Very Pretty Skin” (VPS) process for glowing skin is an exfoliating process where the products are used in an alternating cycle.

The “Core Exfoliators” are our Microdermabrasion Foaming Facial Polisher, which is a physical exfoliator and our Glycolic Resurfacing Milk, which is a chemical exfoliator. By alternating the use of these two products in a 3-4 day interval, you are resurfacing your skin continuously and gently.

You will see visible pores are reduced in size, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, the tone and texture are more even and the skin becomes soft, supple and pliable. Impressive results are visible with first use of each product. You can customize your routine depending on your needs.

The products contain natural pure botanicals and cutting-edge scientific ingredients in a balanced formulation to help give you flawless skin.