Dermal Fillers and Injectables

To replace lost volume and give more youthful fullness to the face or smooth out those  nasal labial folds and wrinkles, dermal fillers such as Restylane ®,Perlane ®,Juverderm ®, Voluma XC ®,Radiesse ®, and Sculptra, ® to name a few are used.

The Doctor (Artist) who is an expert injectionist, injects the filler under the skin to fill and contour the face giving it a more youthful and natural appearance. The results are highly dependent on experience, expertise and artistic ability of the injector.


Botox ® and Dysport® are injectables but work differently than fillers. They are muscle   relaxers. So if you have been frowning a little too much lately and notice that you have                                                                          creases and wrinkles that just don’t go away. These injectables are a sure way to “decrease the crease.” If the crease is located between your eyebrows, it’s called the glabella frown line. Lines across your forehead? They are called frontalis lines.

Most everyone is familiar with the term “crow`s feet” and those wrinkles are located in the outer corners of the eyes. And let’s not forget those “bunny Lines” located on the upper bridge of the nose. The injections take only minutes there is little to no bruising and the effects last anywhere from 3-4 months.