Meet Dr. Garries

Dr. Rosetta Garries, M.D. is far more than just an innovative plastic surgeon who has developed a ground breaking skin care line to compliment her practices. She is a visual artist who “ABSOLUTELY” loves making women look and feel beautiful!

Dr. Rosetta Garries is a plastic surgeon who has practiced exclusively non-invasive facial and body rejuvenation for fifteen years. She is an Artist an Aging specialist and has expertise in skin tightening, skin resurfacing, injecting dermal fillers and fat removal.

She completed her general surgery residency at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center in Brooklyn and two plastic surgery fellowships, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, NY and Eastern Virginia Medical School in Virginia, respectively.

”Dr. Rosetta” as her patients affectionately refer to her, has visual arts running through her veins. Prior to attending medical school, she attended college as a Fine Arts major where she developed her penchant for detailed sketching of delicate, soft female facial and body lines. Her specialty was accentuating contours of the face and body which is abundantly evident in her body of work today.

When someone has a purpose and a true passion for what they do, and when they are devoted to it … its’ evident… it’s palpable, it evokes a feeling. That’s what you sense when you meet and speak to her or when you walk into Dr. Rosetta’s atelier (don’t you dare call it a doctor’s office!).

Patients feel that if making them more beautiful and confident were not her profession, it would be her hobby and she would do it for free.

Dr. Rosetta`s patients range from high profile TV and film stars, music industry giants, prominent professional athletes, Wall Street powerbrokers to young professional walk- in’s who want to look their best and preserve their beauty.

After decades of successfully treating patients of all skin types, it was a natural segue for her to develop a line of innovative skin care products that would allow users of it to maintain the same youthful glow at home and on the road .Thus was born the “Very Pretty Skin®” line of products.

“Very Pretty Skin®” is achieved through an exfoliating process that rejuvenates the skin to promote tight, wrinkle free, pliable, and glowing skin at any age. The results don’t lie. This soon became Dr. Rosetta Garries’ trademark. 


Dr. Rosetta Garries, M.D.

Her products were included in the 2014 Oscars Swag Bag, MTV Awards, Jay Z Super Bowl concert and The Elite Drama Awards.

Her passion is evident in every tube and jar!