Face and Neck

As the sayings go, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” “First impressions are the most lasting,” and so on. The very first thing that others see when they meet is one’s face. It is our face that is the gateway to the rest of us, so having our face be as inviting and as healthy and as pretty as it can be is critical to how we are perceived by others.

Dr. Garries’ mastery of caring for and beautifying all skin types and all colors and shades of skin will make YOU as beautiful as you can possibly be.

The Neck

After gazing into your beautiful eyes and being captivated by your very pretty face, when the public looks at that sparkly necklace or broach you’re wearing, seeing your neck is unavoidable. Don’t just have your neck be a resting spot for expensive perfumes and colognes, but rather let Dr. Garries make your neck, with its soft, supple skin, a center of attraction that is a part of a more beautiful you. Dr. Garries will help you develop the perfect skincare regimen specific to your neck that will enhance your overall appearance, making you even prouder and more confident as you set about conquering the world in your own special way.