Welcome to Very Pretty Skin®

Very Pretty Skin ® care line was formulated and created by Dr. Rosetta Garries, M.D. who is a cosmetic surgeon and aging expert. She is also an Artist that has an expertise in the use of all dermal fillers such as Sculptra®, Voluma®, Restylane®, Perlane® Silicone and many others. She is also a respected authority on resurfacing “All” skin types with her non-commercial and customized acids.

Facial contouring with dermal fillers and skin resurfacing are the driving force of her two thriving practice located in Manhattan, New York. Her expert staff is well trained in her personal approach to anti-aging and assist her in making her patients beautiful.

Her skincare products are the foundation of her skin resurfacing program. Her patients, after only brief use of her skin care products, where repeatedly complimented on their skin and were told “you have very pretty skin!” thus the name of the skin care line… “Very Pretty Skin ®”.


By purchasing the product online, you NOW can have Very Pretty Skin®!

The Very Pretty Skin ® line of products will provide gentle and continuous exfoliation of the skin, and will give you dependable repeatable and superior clinical results thus giving you beautiful, smooth, radiant and even toned skin.

We now have our Very Pretty Skin® skincare products available for your use and we welcome you to purchase our products on line…You deserve to have soft and radiant, youthful and beautiful flawless skin.

Formulating and creating this skincare line has been my purpose and my passion, and we really want someone to say to you every day….”You have very pretty skin!